106 thoughts on “icampusgh E-Learning Platform: Everything You Need to Know

  1. Please my son is trying to access the platform but all he gets is invalid they is this index number 010219101 or is this fake

  2. the first time i tries it,it was pretty cool.buh now i wanna login in again i keep on seeing invalid login.even though the password was saved on my pc.what do i do?

  3. I have tried several times to login into the icampus platform but it keeps on telling me that invalid login. I used the said ways to access the platform but it’s not functioning. Please I need help.

  4. Please I have tried several times but I don’t get access to it. Whenever I try,invalid login. Please you should do something about it for we students

  5. I was able to access it on the first day buh the next day when I tried it on the second day with my name and the password I changed they are telling me invalid login so please how I’m I going to login again whenever I want to

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