Tue. Sep 22nd, 2020

1 thought on ““Allow students to use phones when schools reopen” – PTA Council

  1. I will no to this decision why because looking at the number of days, weeks and months that the students stayed home, I can strongly say that how many students will be able to read their books And as well notes in preparation towards the exams? some students are reluctantly lazy to extent that if if they are not force to learn, they’ll never learn that doesn’t mean that they don’t know they know it very well and if they are monitors and learn,they will perform marvelously .so please to my observation and little experience, I will say they should not be giving this opportunity to use phone cells at school since they are going to few weeks in preparation for their exams other than that they will use the cell phones otherwise in deferential way. Some students are such that if you do not guide them in their doing, they’ll not do it and at the end of the day,we will be blaming them that they are academically poor but not. I am saying this not that I am a professional teacher but a mere pupils teacher I have experience in what I am saying .
    Thank you very much .

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