Sat. Sep 19th, 2020

77 thoughts on “When Will WAEC Release 2020 BECE Result Online?

    1. 2019 bece results is scheduled to be released 45 days after the examination, so probably 28th of August or after (ending of August). Date for placement has not yet been announced by Waec

  1. Please on 28 August when the results isn’t still released it will be released on September which date please I want to nkow

  2. It was said that the 2019 Bece results will be released before the SHS re – opening school and the SHS will re – open school this Monday 19th August , 2019. So please when is the 2019 Bece coming out

  3. My people just relax because if try to follow this results you would end up by getting broken heart.let them do their job

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