Tue. Apr 7th, 2020

46 thoughts on “How to Check NTC Licensure Examination Results 2019/2020

    1. Please I wrote the 2019 exams but I have been checking the only thing appears is “login attempt exceeded”. And l’m worried.

  1. I took part in the first maiden of teachers licensure examination but my certification is still not available for collection at my school( Jackson College Of education).I want to ask if I can come to your headquarters for collection.

  2. Please I want to check my results but they are requesting for my pin number and serial number but is unfortunate that I can’t find my bank receipt. So what should I do now to check my results please.
    Thank you.

  3. When will the 2019 September NTC Exams will be released? Anytime I try checking the fed back is the registration is over even if you are checking for results

  4. I want to know when will the 2019 September NTC results will be released I have tried checking but the fed back is registration is over

  5. Please stop spreading take information about September 2019 results. You people are claiming it has been released but none of us has been able to check the results.

  6. Please I wanted to check my result and been told I have acceded the number of login ,so please what shouting I do nest?

  7. When I try using my pin and serial number am told that my pin or serial number have not been used.please help me out to see my result

  8. Please I tried checking my results but it keeps on telling me that my serial number and pin has not been used. I want to know what is really going on. Thank you.

  9. Please those of us who could not register online rather did the registeration at the center where could we find our result?

  10. Guys I tried using my email and my exams id plus my telephone number to check my ntc exams result but it is telling me is not correct so what should I do next

  11. Please I wrote the NTC exam on march 2019 have wanted to check my result but any time I try a message pop up telling me my voucher is invalid. Please how do I check and print my result?

  12. when I check my results , it tells me my pin and serial number have been used while it was the same pin and serial number I used to register

  13. Please good evening. Please I was part of those who took part September 2019 exams but when the results was released, I used my ID number and phone number /Gmail and telephone number to check but they told me the ID number and phone number is wrong please what can you do to help me see my results

  14. Please I keep getting this feedback- that my serial number and pin has not been used. I read the link provided in your reply to others with the same problem and the information there was that I should visit the NTC portal and update my biodata. However, I can’t seem to do that when i visit the site. Please help.

  15. I tried checking my results but the response I had was that I have not been confirmed by my school, which is UEWK pls what should I do.

      1. Please i have been trying to check my results from last week up to date but they keep telling me that my serial number and my pin code has not been used. I have try all the procedures but still nothing . please help me

  16. I tried to check my license result but it did not open when I used my pin and series number but could not do and l used exam ID and phone number still could not do please l need help

  17. I wrote 2019 but I have tried several times to check the only thing appears is “login attempt exceeded” Please help me out. I’m

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